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Cover image of Johnson

Cover image of Johnson's Wicked Flesh book.

June 22, 2021 00:55:57

Guests: Johnson, Jessica Marie

Host: Alegi, Peter


Episode 131

Black Women, Slavery, and Freedom

Historian Jessica Marie Johnson (Johns Hopkins Univ.) digs into her award-winning new book, Wicked Flesh: Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World. The conversation brings out how Black women in Senegambia, the Caribbean, and Louisiana devised ways to gain control over parts of their lives and defined freedom for themselves in the age of slavery and the slave trade. The interview closes with Dr. Johnson’s thoughts on LifexCode: Digital Humanities Against Enclosure, which she directs, and on the critical role of ethical collaborative scholarship in academic endeavors.

00:00:00 - 00:01:59 Introduction
00:02:00 - 00:10:33 Johnson’s education and interest in the history of Black women and the Black Diaspora
00:10:33 - 00:20:39 Discussion about Wicked Flesh book; how Black women found the meaning of freedom.
00:20:39 - 00:30:02 The slave trade between the Senegambia and the U.S. Gulf Coast and survival of Black identities in colonial Louisiana.
00:30:02 - 00:38:56 Uncovering the voices of Black women in the silences of the archives.
00:38:56 - 00:45:13 Johnson’s Digital Humanities scholarship, cofounding of LifexCode: Digital Humanities Against Enclosure.
00:45:13 - 00:52:23 The importance of collaboration, network building, and solidarity in the digital practice of social sciences.
00:52:23 - 00:55:57 Wrap-up and outro