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Kim Yi Dionne and Peter Alegi in the Afripod studio

Kim Yi Dionne and Peter Alegi in the Afripod studio

November 5, 2019 00:50:34

Guests: Dionne, Kim Yi

Host: Alegi, Peter


Episode 127

AIDS Interventions, Elections in Malawi, and Digital Scholarship

Kim Yi Dionne (Political Science, UC Riverside) on her recent book, Doomed InterventionsThe Failure of Global Responses to AIDS in Africa; the controversial May 2019 elections in Malawi, where she served as an observer; and hosting the Ufahamu Africa podcast and co-editing the Monkey Cage politics blog at the Washington Post.

Follow her on Twitter at @dadakim.

00:00:00 - 00:01:46 Introduction.
00:06:19 - 00:09:42 Roles of local leaders in looking out for the health of villagers in their rural communities.
00:09:42 - 00:17:48 Discussion of democracy and elections in Malawi, including the controversial 2019 elections in Malawi where Dionne served as an observer.
00:29:35 - 00:33:44 The “African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular” on The Monkey Cage blog and its inclusion in the “Ufahamu Africa” podcast.
00:33:44 - 00:35:20 Wrap-up and outro.
00:40:58 - 00:49:18 US foreign policy and intervention in Africa since 1990, with a focus on Libya and the importance of understanding local contexts.
00:49:18 - 00:50:34 Wrap-up and outro.