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100th Episode

100th Episode

April 26, 2016 01:05:25

Guests: Abdalla, Abdilatif
Gilder, Barry
Babou, Cheikh
Miller, Darlene
Newbury, David
Jeater, Diane
Hodgson, Dorothy
Jimoh, Ganiyu
Chipande, Hikabwa
Harrow, Ken
Seay, Laura
Achebe, Nwando
Lovejoy, Paul
Mbow, Penda
Adesanmi, Pius
Edgar, Robert
Hill, Robert
Vinson, Robert
Jacobs, Sean
Ranger, Terry
Falola, Toyin
Hawthorne, Walter
Twala, Chitja
Ngonyani, Deo
Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo

Host: Alegi, Peter
Limb, Peter


Episode 100

The Afripod Centenary Special

This centenary episode brings together selections from the first eight years of the podcast. The chosen segments broadly represent earliest and latest episodes, different African countries and regions, and notable contributions by local and international guests on a number of subjects and themes.

00:00:00 - 00:02:04 Introduction
00:02:05 - 00:13:44 Clips from Episode 1 with Cheikh Anta Babou, Episode 7 with Robert Edgar, and Episode 30 with Robert Hill
00:13:45 - 00:22:18 Clips from Episode 31 with Robert Vinson, Episode 62 with David Newbury, Episode 51 with Dorothy Hodgson, and Episode 96 with Toyin Falola
00:22:19 - 00:29:08 Clips from Episode 79 with Paul Lovejoy, and Episode 60 with Gwendolyn Hall and Walter Hawthorne
00:29:09 - 00:38:35 Clips from Episode 3 with Sean Jacobs, Episode 89 with Laura Seay, and Episode 17 with Round Table at 2008 NEWSA Conference
00:38:36 - 00:43:29 Clips from Episode 45 with Terence Ranger and Episode 47 with Diane Jeater
00:43:30 - 00:50:04 Clips from Episode 84 with Pius Adesanmi, Episode 36 with Deo Ngonyani, Episode 87 with Chitja Twala, and Episode 85 with Abdilatif Abdalla
00:50:05 - 00:55:58 Clips from Episode 42 with Penda Mbow, Episode 65 with Nwando Achebe, and Episode 92 with Hikabwa Chipande.
00:56:00 - 00:58:27 Clips from Episode 2 with Ken Harrow, and Episode 95 with Jimga
00:58:28 - 01:05:25 Outro