Africa Past and Present is a podcast about history, culture, and politics in Africa and the diaspora. The show highlights interesting and significant people, ideas, and discussions in African Studies from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. Our mission is to broaden the availability and accessibility of cutting-edge knowledge relating to African experiences and to do so in a down-to-earth and informed manner. Shows feature interviews with eminent scholars and persons, commentary on current events, and issues and debates of relevance to Africans at home and abroad.

Africa Past and Present is hosted by Michigan State University historians Peter Alegi and Peter Limb and produced by MATRIX—The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online at MSU. Thanks to funding from Matrix and the MSU Department of History, this web site includes an online digital archive of all shows, as well as links to multimedia resources and collections of relevance to African experiences, past and present.


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